What Exactly Is An Office Massage?

What Exactly Is An Office Massage?

Ever wondered what exactly happens when you book a mobile massage therapist to go to your office? Here is an account from one among our clients in London of their entire experience. It is likely to be useful for you in case you are wanting to book an office massage therapist but should not certain what to expect.

Pre Massage
I sit cradling my work phone between shoulder and ear, typing furiously, whilst an infuriatingly incompetent operator places me on hold for the fourth time. I throw exasperated glances at my colleague opposite solely to seek out her also balanced in the same pose, though she has additionally skilfully added a cup of coffee and a ringing mobile into the equation (show off). Not being able to reveal the horrendous call ready music any longer I grasp up, grip the edge of my desk and take a deep breath, something that seems strangely unfamiliar, and I realise I have been holding it in for a lot longer than my physician would recommend.

There appears to be some commotion from the doorway to the office and as I stand up to get a better look I see a lady dressed in sage green, with white flowing trousers being introduced as our office massage therapist for the day. Meeting room 1 is remodeled from its normal function as a stage for our office politics into her office massage haven. I'm intrigued as I see anxious, buzzing colleagues disappear behind the closed doors after which quarter-hour later return smiling, with shoulders not hunched by their ears and heading straight within the direction of the water dispenser.

My Office Massage
Finally my turn arises and I reluctantly finish an electronic mail and take a last sip of coffee throwing my cup within the recycling en route to the door. I'm greeted by an empty chair and a girl in her twenties who seems to be far more relaxed and luxuryable in this room than I have ever seen even our highest executive. She introduces herself and explains what's going to happen. Apparently she's going to massage my shoulders, neck, higher back and higher arms, whilst I sit upright in the office chair. Will probably be a mixture of Thai massage, Indian Head Massage and acupressure. She checks that I'm OK with all the areas being massaged and promises to not mess up my hair.

I'm wondering if this is a joke as I'm hardly sporting the latest chic coiffure but she doesn't look like she is making an attempt to insult me so I guarantee her she can do no matter she likes, rapidly adding 'within reason' and immediately regretting it. But she laughs, and I am relieved to discover that I stay fully clothed as she places her fingers on my shoulders. She tells me to take a deep breath (something which I've just discovered is alien to me) after which the magic begins. My shoulders start to come alive, instead of two stable lumps joining my neck to my arms, they start to loosen up and he or she finds particular points (called knots) that she massages more intensely to release tension.

She moves onto massaging the neck and I immediately feel a headache that I had lengthy come to just accept as being a part of me, easing away. I almost fall asleep as she massages my head as every nerve ending appears to be having an exquisite party and I pray that someway time can come to a standstill for in every single place besides assembly room 1. Unfortunately it does not. After massaging my higher arms and some more work on my upper back, the massage finishes with a flurry of chopping movements on my back which serve to wake me up in time for her request that I take one other big breath. This breath astonishes me at its depth and size - like the sort of breath you're taking at the finish of a long vacation, overlooking a calm ocean.

Post Massage
She advises me to drink plenty of water as massage releases toxins which were stored up and so if I drink water I can use it as a detox to scrub them out of me. 'Sounds good to me' I say, as I guiltily think of my pre-massage coffee. I shake her hand and marvel if I can return for one more one if I come back in disguise. Or say I've a twin? Hmm, unsure she will likely be convinced.

I go away the room and head straight to the water dispenser. I take just a few lovely sips of the clear cool water and return to my desk. Everything feels different. Similar desk, identical piles of paper and similar bulging e mail account. Similar list of things to do and similar full schedule of meetings to come. But I feel different. I feel as if I can see everything with clear perspective and 대전출장마사지 I feel a new sense of confidence that I can take the correct actions to move forward. I am no longer scrambling up the steep slope of an unimaginable mountain, with the peak growing further away with each step I take. Instead I really feel as if I am trying down on the mountain and realising that it's just a mole hill that I can take in my stride. Who would have thought 15 minutes of high quality pamper time could save me hours of flustered mistakes. My solely query is...when can I get my next fix?


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